Optimizing Maintenance Communication & Turnover

SuperTenant is the maintenance automation tool that helps with service repair resolution and resident satisfaction.

SuperTenant is compatible with all platforms that have internet access.

47% of tenants say that maintenance concerns were a factor in renewing their lease.

With SuperTenant resident satisfaction improved by 88%
finding high-quality providers quickly, getting accurate quotes, and service request turnover.

6.7 is the average number of phone calls we reduce per request.

With SuperTenant 83% of repairs are being scheduled without any phone calls.

Your tenants value privacy.

SuperTenant has in-app messaging and notifications. No more giving out cell phone numbers.

Resident Submits a Request

Tenants use the SuperTenant software for any issues they would normally contact their property manager about. By simply submitting a service request online, SuperTenant initiates the repair without the back-and-forth communication that often complicates the process. By streamlining the submission process for repair requests, SuperTenant’s automation results in better information and communication with quicker solutions for both the tenant and the property owner.

Manager Approves & Assigns

SuperTenant keeps the manager and the tenant in reliable communication by allowing the manager to approve or reject maintenance requests and assign work to approved vendors, or search to find highly rated ones in the area. This gives both the manager and the tenant the ability to oversee the repair and track its progress.  

SuperTenant Schedules Repairs

SuperTenant can facilitate communication directly between the vendor and tenant about the repairs, unit entry, and availability times, without giving out personal information. The manager can check in on the process at any time.

SuperTenant Monitors Completion

Tenants, managers and vendors are kept in the loop at all times. SuperTenant streamlines communication while tracking the progress of repairs and relaying this information to all parties.

For Service Providers

Service providers can submit applications to appear on SuperTenant’s approved vendors list, allowing them early access to bid on jobs. Preferred vendors for specific properties can be favorited for easy assignment or quote submission.


$1 per unit
$5 per month minimum
Email for over 500 units